Quality Policy

STAR Policy

S – Support, service our customers – internal and external by providing Timely Delivery, Quality Flexibility and Pricing.

T – Training, to enhance quality and to continually improve processes and services.

A – Accountability, be responsible for our commitments to our customers and quality.

R – Responsible, be responsive for our commitments to our customer needs and satisfaction.

Best Practices – Best Results

A Focus on Results

In the buzzword laden world of modern business practices, it is easy to get caught up in the jargon at the expense of the results. Concepts such as lean manufacturing, 5S practices and statistical process control are nice for marketing, but they’re even better when applied in the real world! Efficient workflow, reduced manufacturing steps, optimized workspaces, controlled production, and systematic improvement all yield real productivity gains that you can see in our prices, delivery performance, and end product quality.

Continuous Improvement

In a business environment where our customers can’t afford to stand still, we can’t either. Our management is focused on building a culture of “good enough is not good enough”. We believe that sitting still is a recipe for getting run over, and that there are always opportunities to improve what we do. To that end, we make extensive use of internal and external corrective actions as well as opportunities for improvement and employee suggestions. We believe that every dollar we save in wasted labor, effort, or cost is another dollar of advantage for the continued business of our customers.


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